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Director of Sales

???Job Responsibilities:

1.Participating in the discussions on the Company’s important business management matters and proposing suggestions, and presiding over all work of the department;

2. Decomposing the sales objective of the Company, setting up customer-oriented sales strategy, and leading subordinates to provide customers with professional meeting and incentive services;

3. Implementing various rules and regulations of the Company to avoid all risks in business operations;

4. Developing and maintaining relationship with customers to improve satisfaction;

5. Instructing the staff to improve business skills and professional quality, implementing employee management and development to improve team cohesion.


1. University degree or above, majored in related disciplines such as business administration, tourism and foreign language;

2. Over five years’ experience in tourism and exhibition and over two years’ experience in team or department management;

3. With excellent travel knowledge and operation skills;

4. With excellent professional ethics and quality as well as modern management philosophy and capability, and unafraid of large working pressure;

5. Able to adapt to business trip.



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