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Sponsor: Hainan Tourism Administration

Organizer: BRE

Time: December 31, 2016 to January 5, 2017

Place: Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center


Focusing on the whole thought of “promoting advantages of Hainan tourism resources, setting up international tourism cultural exchange and cooperation platform, and facilitating transformation and upgrading of Hainan tourism industry”, in the core of Hainan tourism industry, Hainan World Leisure Tourism Expo will fully display the new achievements of Hainan tourism industry and distinctive tourist products all over the places, present new leisure mode and status of tourism products, and actively promote the transaction negotiation and market docking, including exhibition of touring car, campsite, yacht, general-purpose plane, international education tourism and wisdom tour, centralized exhibition of Hainan tourism development achievements, national and regional tourism images, tourist route, and product trading and sales etc.

At the Hainan World Leisure Tourism Expo, many talents are gathered, interpretation is provided by authorities, experience is shared, and a dialogue is carried out between supplier and demander. You will meet the geniuses in the leisure tourism industry and know about various information!

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