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Since 2004, BRE has undertaken the Beijing International Tourism Expos hosted by Beijing Tourism Development Committee for successive 13 years. From 2017, BRE has become the only official organizer designated by BITE, undertaking international, domestic investment and expos, expo propaganda promotion, invitation of audiences and buyers.

Expo introduction:

Beijing International Tourism Expo (BITE) was first held in 2004, then once every year, and as the first- class expo with strong professionalism, wide participation, great influence and obvious effect, BITE has won wide praises in the international and domestic tourism industry and become an important exchange trading platform for tourism industry at home and abroad.

The first session of BITE has the area of 11,000.0 square meters, more than 400 booths, and exhibitors from 50 countries and regions, 21 provinces, cities and autonomous regions of China. Now BITE has developed into a tourism event in the area of about 30,000.0 square meters, with 985 exhibitors from 81 countries and regions, 27 cities and provinces in China. As development, a total of 40,000 professional audiences and nearly 110,000 common audiences have attended the expo during three days, with the transaction intent amount of about RMB 5.3 billion, including the ambassadors and embassy officials of over 40 countries who participate in various activities of the expo.


Domestic and overseas tourism organizations, tourism bureaus in all places of China, Travel Promotion Industry Association, travel agencies, hotels, scenic spots, airlines, travel vehicle and ship companies, resorts, tourism real estate companies, sports and leisure entertainment venues, tourist commodities, tourism-related industries, traditional Chinese medicine related units, travel news media etc.


Promote the tourism image of Beijing, increase of inbound tourists and development of tourism industry in Beijing.


Show the tourism image of Beijing in a centralized manner, promote the local tourism resources and foster a strong tourism brand. Promote the exchange and cooperation, enhance the industrial level, tourism transaction, and create an international exchange platform for promoting development of Beijing tourism through exhibition and display, information exchange, commercial negotiation, product sale and other links.


Exchange, cooperation, development, win-win


Combine professional and consumer expos. Promote the consumer expo with professional expo, and professional expos with consumer expos. Adopt the time division way for professional and consumer expos, i.e. use the first day for professional expo, and the second and third days for consumer expo for wide public.

Brand Exhibitions


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