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China Tourism Industry Expo

Sponsors: National Tourism Administration/Tianjin Municipal People's Government

Organizers: Tianjin Tourism Bureau/China Tourism Association/BRE

Time: September 20, 2012 to September 22, 2012

Place: Tianjin Meijiang Exhibition Center


China Tourism Industry Expo attracts delegates from over 80 countries and regions as well as 31 provinces and cities in China, and focusing on the theme of “the event of tourism industry and stage of win-win cooperation”, sets up the trading platform for tourism products, articles, stage of tourism culture interpretation and communication, and platform for discussion on development of tourism industry, gathering the tourism equipment and commodities from all over the world, leading the development trend of tourism, and providing quality services for all the guests in order to promote the internationalization, professionalization, marketing and branding level of the expo. The leaders of the National Tourism Administration, Tianjin Municipal People’s Government, and various participating regions will attend the expo jointly.


Domestic and overseas tourist destination and tourism organization series, travel agency, scenic spot, hotel, airline, high - speed rail company brand series, tourism and catering industry series, tourist commodity series, special tourist equipment and professional article series, self-driving travel series, tourism real estate series, movie theme tourism series, tourism e-business series, tourism media industry series, tourism education & training industry series, tourism planning, design and tourism creative industry series, hotel supplies industry series, tourist equipment manufacturing series.


China Tourism Industry Expo has more than 50,000 site audiences, with the emphasis on spot settlement always as the most important feature of the expo, accumulated turnover up to RMB 5.85 billion and number of signed projects exceeding 900.

Construct the exhibition & sale areas of travel agencies, hotels, exhibition areas of port cities, and tourist wedding hall. In the exhibition & sale area of travel agencies, the special price products that are designed by the travel agencies coming from Tianjin and having group qualification and sound reputation for attending the expo will be specially displayed, and sold to Tianjin citizens on the spot; in the exhibition & sale area of hotel, resort, the hot spring area etc., the special price combination products will be launched for Tianjin citizens; in the exhibition areas of port cities, the coastal tourism characteristics will be displayed in a centralized way, and the advantageous tourism resources will be introduced. In the tourist wedding hall, the honeymoon trip, wedding planning, wedding photography, wedding venues, wedding dress, and other products in the whole industrial chain of wedding will be displayed.

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